Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

We had a blessed first Christmas! Anna was awake by 5:40, surely aware of the fact that it was Christmas. We have now officially determined her "gifted," after all, Natalie read that babies that have a hard time sleeping may be gifted.. You may also have a gifted baby? We read about baby Jesus out of Anna's book, then she opened her 3 presents. She actually was able to rip the paper off, once again, she is gifted! She got an ornament, book set, and a Busy Ball Popper. Mom and Dad are eating the traditional cranberry muffins that Mommy made and Anna is already back to bed. Oh let's not forget, Daddy is drinking Cinnamon coffee that Mom and Roger gave him for Christmas. Mom and Dad are now going to open their gifts. May you have a blessed day. Much love, Anthony and Natalie