Saturday, June 2, 2007

Backyard, Basketball and the Fam

While Natalie's family was down from Michigan, one of their desires was to plant a new tree in honor of the birth of Anna. In addition, they would plant a similar tree in Michigan upon their return. I appreciated the thoughtful gift and therefore shall share the additional sign of life and hope in our backyard. I have also been working on the ski slope of a backyard we have and instead of installing a chair lift and hoping for large amounts of snow, I decided to terrace our backyard, organic style. I used pieces of wood that I hope will rot over time to assist with soil richness, have planted some low maintenance grasses, evergreen and ivy for ground cover and uncovered some natural hillside rocks during the tilling process. In other news, Andrew Smith came by Thursday evening to visit with us which was exciting. My hope is we can talk Autumn and Andrew into buying a home in our neighborhood. Briana came over Friday evening and brought us a tasty dish of whole wheat pasta covered in tomatoes, onions, spices and mozarella cheese. Anna spit up on Briana which was not cool Anna! She reacted we believe to our first try at giving her liquid vitamins which the doctor told us to do. Anna apparently is not a big fan of vitamins, so we shall try to give them to her at a different time during the day. Anna's doctor appointment on Friday was fantastic. She is up to 6 lbs and 3.5 ounces. She was 2 weeks old yesterday and has definitely surpassed her birth weight of 5 lbs, 12 ounces.

Natalie and I watched the movie "Winter Passing" last night, very weird, very interesting, worth seeing if you enjoy Sundance Film Festival Style movies, not a pick me up though. Great acting, included Will Ferrell. Tonight Bryan and Anthony will watch the Pistons beat the Cavaliers. I shall chear with cave man like, survival groans in hopes that LeBron is smothered and scores about 6 points. It is my hope that Ray in Michigan will also be on the edge of his recliner yelling at the t.v. in unison with Bryan and I in Kentucky, that goes for you too Dave in Michigan...

Love yall,


Thursday, May 31, 2007


It has been a great week for the family, many visitors, gifts, yummy food and of course the NBA playoffs...

Tuesday: Heather and Leah Claire came over to visit with some Mancino's grinders for lunch. Leah appeared to enjoy looking at Anna and was filled with smiles.

Wednesday: The Langlands dropped off homemade lasagna which by the way has all been eaten and well thought of by the Rupards.
Thursday: Anthony and Dave Wilson had a great breakfast out on the patio this morning while Natalie and Anna slept. Salie and JoAnna from G.College dropped by around lunch time to chit chat and hold Anna.
During the afternoon we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Richardson, and Mamaw Rupard. It was great to have them and a big suprise that Mamaw was able to come. Unfortunately Roger had to go to work at 6 p.m. so they weren't able to stay too long. They brought some gifts, 1 from Roger's friend from the service, and another gift from their church's pastor and his wife. Thanks for visiting!

Much love and may the Pistons beat up on the Cavaliers in Basketball. May Kentucky fans be excited as Billy Donovan looks to be accepting a head coaching job with the Orlando Magic.

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Pictures- Memorial Day

Mom had a chance to get out to Wal Mart today, a much deserved break. Dad hung out with Anna on the couch while she was gone, watching the Braves game, reading books to Anna and changing diapers..
We had a great night of rest last night within reason. Anna had stretches of 3-4 hours without waking. We felt like we had slept for 12 hours after a run like that...She stayed awake today for about 3 hours which was by far the longest she has been awake since birth. She is still very healthy and happy!


Hannah, Michele and Ray Wilcox (Mom, Dad, Sis) hit the road Sunday morning. We had a wonderful weekend visit playing with Anna, grilling out, resting, playing scrabble, watching movies and hoops. Michele was so amazing this past week (Mom) helping us out with Anna, picking up around the house, cooking for us, etc.

Sunday brought more visitors, the Foxes...We had a relaxed evening eating some Mexican food, and just enjoying conversation, Anna and laughter...